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Xamarin SDK 3D Pro

Hi Support-Team

We need help.

We purchased an SDK 3D (Pro) on 12/12/2020 (INV-7130) to develop an AR application for a textile museum. 

Unfortunately, the SDK does not run or we suspect a bug, hence the following questions. 

1. AR scene does not work

We created an AR scene in the studio in February 2021 with nine 3D objects with movies in the Alpha channel. It didn't work then and it doesn't work now. The AR scene was not changed in the studio. 

Sequence of events:

a) 22.02.2021 Test with Wikitude App on site: Movies were recognised and started

b) 15.04.2021 Implementation in customized app and test on site: Films were not recognised.

c) 04.05.2021 Test with Wikitude app and customised app on site: Films are not recognised.

Today, 04.05.2021, I created and tested a new AR scene with two 3D objects on site:

a) Test with Wikitude App on site: Films are recognised and started

b) Test with customized app on site: Films are not recognised.


2. Is an update of the SDK necessary? 

a) In the Studio, the 3D objects show the note "SDK 8.x". Question: Does this mean that these AR scenes will NOT work with the new SDK 9.7? 

b) When installing the new SDK 9.7, an error message appears saying that the licence does not allow it. However, the licence includes 1 year of updates. Why is this not possible?

I hope for a quick feedback, many greetings, 


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