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Extending a target in studio never finishes processing

I'm trying to process a large object (400mm tall) using 77 pictures. 

When I attempt to extend the target by adding more pictures, it just says "processing" infinitely. It's been "processing" for like 15 minutes now so I assume somethings broken. I also can't delete it despite trying.

This process has not been helped by the auto logout that keeps happenign with Wikitude  Studio, I really don't like the auto logout after 10 minutes or whatever! 

(btw I'm using Safari, could it be a reason for the bugs?)

nevermind, it did finally finish, but I was confused and thought it was broken because the progress circle kept restarting

the progress bar kept restarting, especially if I exit the page (or it automatically logs me out and I log back in and check the progress) the progress bar just goes back to zero, and with the circle design it's not appartent when it will be finished. 

especially if you have a large image set, or are extending an object, this can take a really long time, so the progress bar should give some clear indication of actual progress, and a time estimate of when it will be finished would be helpful as well

Thank you for the feedback. The processing of an object creation/extension does take quite some time and it is highly dependent on the object itself and the provided images. Hence, it is difficult to estimate a specific timing. However, we will try to provide a better processing feedback in the future.



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