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POI from local resource, data is not detected if there are 10 data

Hello people, here I have a problem where if I enter 10 data in myJsondata when running POI it is not detected. if you only enter 4 data, POI can be detected properly.

is there a solution to a problem like this?


Hello Akbar,

Could you please explain in details what kind of error you are getting when you enter 10 data?

Did you check the following:

  • that the POIs are in your surrounding and the Lat/Lon values are not entered vice versa
  • if the POIs are further away from your location please also have a look at the culling distance

GeoLocation features heavily depend on parameters like the accuracy of your GPS provider. So please:

  • Make sure you are testing with our latest SDK version
  • Make sure that your GPS provider is accurate enough and also make  sure to calibrate your phone before start testing. Note that the  distance calculation highly depends on the accuracy of your  LocationProvider implementation. I recommend using GooglePlay Location  Service to not rely on a manual GPS fetching approach.
  • Test outside



Hello Eva,

So like this, when I enter 10 data in myJsonData it doesn't work like the image above, but if I just enter 4 data in myJsonData it runs smoothly as shown below

Is it true that 10 data are entered in myJsonData? or is there another way to enter 10 records in myJsonData?


Hi Akbar,

You mention that when you enter 10 data it doesn't work like the image but you failed to mention how exactly does it work. Do you see any error? Do you ay data? You don't see all 10 data but some of the data?

As a general note, if you have a large amount of POI markers and these are in  the similar direction, then these are overlapping unless you e.g.  cluster them. If you search our forum for the term POI clustering you find some posts that deal with this topic. For example, have a look at this forum post and what is suggested there.

In  general we only recommend to display a limited amount of POIs in the  camera view, for UX purposes, so the user can more easily find the POIs.



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