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Flutter 2.0.3 Wikitude 9.6

Wikitude supports flutter2 ???

I tried to install the plugin from the github examples and it gave me error (library "" not found) still including

         ndk {

             abiFilters 'x86', 'x86_64', 'armeabi', 'armeabi-v7a', 'arm64-v8a'


I also tried adding it to a project from scratch but in this case the error is:

Execution failed for task ': augmented_reality_plugin_wikitude: bundleDebugAar'.

> Direct local .aar file dependencies are not supported when building an AAR. The resulting AAR would be broken because the classes and Android resources from any local .aar file dependencies would not be packaged in the resulting AAR. Previous versions of the Android Gradle Plugin produces broken AARs in this case too (despite not throwing this error). The following direct local .aar file dependencies of the: augmented_reality_plugin_wikitude project caused this error: .... / plugin / augmented_reality_plugin_wikitude / android / wikitudesdk / wikitudesdk.aar


flutter doctor:

[✓] Flutter (Channel stable, 2.0.3, on Linux, locale es_ES.UTF-8)

[✓] Android toolchain - develop for Android devices (Android SDK version 30.0.3)

[✓] Chrome - develop for the web

[✓] Android Studio

[✓] VS Code (version 1.54.3)

[✓] Connected device (2 available)

• No issues found!

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Hi Cristobal,

Unfortunately no, we still don't support Flutter 2, but we plan to do it soon (not sure in which version yet).



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