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Videos do not play audio when tracking in 3D

SDK 9.5 / 3D targeting / Xamarin

We use 3D targets in our project "Texttiltechikum" and want to use videos in the Alpha channel. 


The video plays fine, but no audio is played. 


It doesn't work in the Wikitude app or in our Xamarin app with downloaded offline project. 

Enclosed you will find a film. 

What are we doing wrong? 

Thank you very much for a quick answer, we are getting a bit desperate. :-)


Sorry, I don't understand your answer. 

Could you help me, or do you want to show me your website? 

Hi Holger,

Are you using Android or iOS?

In addition, just to clarify things here, you would like to use a video as an augmentation. The sound does not work when the video appears as the augmentation or when you try to create the video?



Hi Eva, 

We are using Android and iOS. 

In both the sound does not work when the video appears as the augmentation. If you start the video I attemped the sound does work. 

Thanks, Holger

Hi Holger,

Could you please answer the following questions:

  • If you try it with our sample app, then does the video sound work for you?
  • Could you please send us a video demonstrating your issue?

Thank you,


Hi Eva, 

I had already answered all your questions above in my first enquiry. Why is this not being read correctly? Sorry, but we have pressure here and the support is not good. 

To 1. the bug also occurs in the Wikitude app. 

To 2. I have attached a video above. 

You can find our project here:

Best regards, Holger

Hi Holger,

Apologies, I missed the part that you reported that the issue also occurs in the Wikitude app.

You have provided the video that you have created, so for us to know better what the issue is, we would need a video demonstrating how you are using the app and how the error occurs. In addition, the link you have provided with your Project on studio is password protected and therefore, we cannot view it.

I have forwarded your issue to our developer team and they will investigate further. Please note that, since this is a forum community, time responses may vary according to the severity of the issue reported. In addition, we give priority to Wikitude customers who have purchased a license. Thank you for your understanding


Hi Eva, 


How long does it take for a response from the developers? We have a licence for the SKD and have been waiting for 2 weeks. 

What could be the reason? Are there specifics that are not in the documentation? 

Is there a support forum for developers? So that we can now move forward more quickly? 

Best regards, Holger

Hi Holger,

Sorry for the late response.

Just to make sure, you installed this sample app and in an example like Simple Video, after tracking the target, you are not getting any audio from that video? Because this is working fine for me on an iOS device.

The contents of wikitude-xamarin-examples-9.5/XamarinExampleApp/iOS/Resources/ARchitectExamples/11_Video_1_SimpleVideo, along with the ArchitectView configuration in wikitude-xamarin-examples-9.5/XamarinExampleApp/iOS/ArExperienceViewController.cs should be enough to get a video augmentation with audio.

Which devices are you testing with? Are there any other audio resources playing in the app? Could you send us your application log?

- Damian

Hi Holger,

I just double-checked with the mp4 you posted, and verified that the audio fails to play on iOS. However, the native player in iOS and the MacOS version of Firefox also fail to reproduce the audio on my end, which would probably indicate that this is an issue with the encoding you are using for this video. You should use a different codec that is universally accepted.

Are you able to get any audio from your video if you try to play it in the native player of the same device? Can you get it to play in an app without our SDK?

If you manage to reproduce audio from the file with the native player, it should also work in our SDK. We don't use anything beyond the media playing tools the OS provides.

- Damian

Hi Damian, 

Thank you very much for your answer and also for isolating the bug. Great. 

I have tested it: The videos run on desktop but not on iOS iPhone. 

We should be a big step further with this. 

Thanks a lot!


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