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what do you mean by [objectTarget.scale]

Hello, what do you mean by [objectTarget.scale] output (7.1, 22, 1.9) of [Wikitude Unity Plugin]
Please explain in detail.
I don't know what this is.

Unity Version : 2020.2.2f1

Wikitude SDK Verstion : I don't know,,



(39.6 KB)


The scale value of the target should be equivalent to the size of the bounding box of the point cloud of the target.

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What do you mean?

It's hard for me to understand.

Please explain in detail this properties.

The class description of the URL below is also not sufficient.

Wikitude Unity Plugin: Wikitude.ObjectTarget Class Reference


The size is not normalized as opposed to the documentation. I see that the documentation needs an update. Also, the coordinate system of the output is wrong. The y and the z-axis needs to be exchanged.

Basically, if you create a Cube and set its scale to Vector3(7.1, 1.9, 22), the point cloud of the target should fit right into this cube (when it is at the point cloud's center)... so it is literally the bounding box of the point cloud.

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When I try to log the scale of the target, I get (NaN, NaN, Nan).

Hi Brian,

could you post the code snippet you are using to output this?

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public void OnObjectRecognized(ObjectTarget target) {
        Debug.Log("---------> Object Recognized");


The scale value can just be retrieved if the object target has point cloud data. As of now, only the Unity Expert Edition SDK supports 3D model based targets, which don't have this value allocated at the moment.

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