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More than 10 targets for 3D Recognition

Hello together

We are developing an AR app for an exhibition and already have some experience. This time, however, we are using 3D targets. 

Version SDK 9. Xamarin, Link to the Studio Project:

My central questions: 

- Are more than 10 targets possible? 

- We have integrated 12 targets in our project and it seems to work. So far I blame bugs on bad target scans. Or is it the number of targets?

I have two more questions about the Studio: 

- How can I change the name of a project? 

- How can I duplicate a project? 

Best regards Holger

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Hi Holger,

We strongly recommend that when you create a .wto file, you should not  add more than 10 object targets. Otherwise, this could greatly influence the performance of your app. A WTO project may hold up to 10 objects using videos or images for  feature extraction. The three-dimensional objects need to be recorded from all different angles to guarantee proper recognition and tracking phase.

Unfortunately, changing the name of an existing project or duplicating it is not yet possible in Studio.

Let me know if you have more questions,


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