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Issues in Wikitude 3D-Encoder

HI there i'm facing some issues and i will be so grateful if you could help me with them

1. first probleme: after importing a 3D-Model in Wikitude 3D Encoder, it shows up without the textures. i have read about this issue befor but i could not understand it right. where should i save the Textures (in which folder ?)

2. the seconte probleme: After adding a light in the blender, the model does not light up in Wikitude 3D Encoder unless i look at it from a specific point or direction, then the model lights up a little bit, Although I have added enough lights, but not much. I tried to open the same 3D-model in FBX-Autodesk, and the lighting was as perfect as it should be

Thanks and greetings

(2.63 MB)
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