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Titanium SDK 9.x?

I've read on your Download Page that Titanium SDK 9.x is no longer supported (last SDK 8.3.1 that is supported) - Is there any reason for this?

On another note, when registering a new Token Key, by refreshing, I see that 9.x is supported. Can you kindly clarify?


Hi Joseph,

SDK 8.3 is the last release to support the Wikitude Titanium Module. We've made this decision based on the popularity/demand of the different platforms we support. Wikitude is considering to open source the latest state of the Titanium Module on Github so that interested customers can adapt the Module to their need.

Thanks for your understanding,
The Wikitude Team

That would be great, certainly some in the Appcelerator community may update it to 9.x. The change is straight forward.

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