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Can i make the native detail screen full screen ?


Hi, i currently making a Geo Location App, and im displaying the map on the AR World, my question is can i make the native detail screen full screen ? if so, how can i do it ? 

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You can use AR.platform.sendJSONObject to send the payload and the action to the native component and there you can open a new activity/View controller in the event listener.

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hi @Joaquin, thanks for the answer ,but i dont want to open a new activity, instead i want to a panel with a full screen layout

Ok, so are you using Wikitude JS SDK and have already the detail screen natively just not full screen?.
If you don't want to open a new window, you can use either HTML to ensure that the poi detail has the body size, or add a subview to the ArActivity and close it whenever you need it.

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