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App ID Mismatch on iOS with Cordova

Good morning,
I developed an hydrid app with Cordova and Wikitude 8.10.1.
On Android it works fine, while on iOS compiled with Xcode 12.3 appears the watermark "App ID Mismatch" and an alert with the words "Connection Error, One or more assets couldn't be loaded."
The license "SDK Pro 3d" has been purchased and the key inserted in "www/plugins/com.wikitude.phonegap.WikitudePlugin/www/WikitudePlugin.js" and "platform_www/plugins/com.wikitude.phonegap.WikitudePlugin/www/WikitudePlugin.js"

Hello Andrea, 

Since you are a subscriber, I will create a support ticket for you and move the discussion to a private channel.

We apologise for not replying earlier to you but please keep in mind that response times in the forum may vary according to the severity of a possible issue, time needed for investigation and checking. This is why we will create a support ticket for you now.

Thank you,

Wikitude Support Team

the problem is very urgent, it is not you who can judge the urgency. the app had to be published by December 31st and only because of this malfunction we are over a month late, so for any legal consequence, we will make up for you.



as you can see from the photos, the app id is correct and the key is present in all 4 copies of the WikitudePlugin.js file

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