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Could not build project when updating to SDK 9.5

Wikitude 9.5 comes with the new version of ARCore (1.19), its own AndroidManifest, Custom Main Gradle Template, and Custom Launcher Template. Basically, it's a breaking change because we need a new Gradle version that does not come with the Unity Editor.

I have not been able to build our app successfully with the new SDK.

I have

-Changed Gradle to version 5.6.4 as with this guide Build for Android 11 with Unity  |  ARCore  |  Google Developers

-Updated ARCore plugin to 2.12 Which supports ARCore 1.19

But I still can not build the app and receive these errors.

(21.6 KB)

this custom files are here to ensure Android 11 support for our supported Unity Editor version (2019.4).
If your build target is not Android 11 you can delete those files and basically revert the changes explained in the link you sent.
I understand that this is an inconvenience, but it is not coming from our side. We are just offering the needed files to build for Android 11 (which anyways should be considered if the app is targeted to be published in the Play Store).

Kind regards,


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In case anyone have any problem building the project after upgrading or could not submit app in playstore, I have solved my problem

-if you already have your own AndroidManifest, untick the AndroidManifest that come with Wikitude 9.5
-in dependency of  launcher template & main template, use Gradle version 3.4.3 instead of 3.6

-Fix whatever error Unity throw at you. Mine was removing the min SDK in Firebase Manifest

-Use custom JDK path, mine was JDK 1.8.0_161


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