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xcode 12.3 build failed with cordova plugin 9.5.0

Hello after upgrading to xcode 12.3 is impossible to build app with error

/****.xcodeproj Building for iOS, but the embedded framework 'WikitudeSDK.framework' was built for iOS + iOS Simulator.

Anyone with same problem?

Regards to all



Could you please provide the following details:

  • Which version of the SDK are you using?
  • Are you working with the JS API or the Native API?
  • Are you using any of our Extensions (Cordova, Xamarin, Unity)? If yes, which version are you using?
  • Did you make sure to follow the setup instructions in the documentation?

Thx and greetings



SDK version 9.5.0

with cordova plugin

yes i use all instruction

the app was builded successfully before the new xcode upgrade.

so it looks like a problem related to the new xcode 12.3

with new ios SDK 14.3

rolling back to sdk 14.2 works fine...

so the problem looks like to be relative to this scenario:

cordova plugin wikitude 9.5.0

ios SDK 14.3

xCode 12.3

cordova 10.0.0


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Xcode 12.3 introduced a change that affects all iOS legacy frameworks that include support for multiple architectures. Our frameworks include device support (arm64) and iOS simulator support (x86_64). We are working on a long term solution, but in the meantime, you can still build your project with Xcode 12.3 by stripping our framework from all architecture support except for arm64:

lipo -thin arm64 /path/to/WikitudeSDK.framework/WikitudeSDK -output /path/to/WikitudeSDK.framework/WikitudeSDK

You will not be able to build your app for the iOS simulator, but it will build and run just fine on an iOS device. If you need to run your app on the simulator, save a copy of the original framework and use it in your project after running this command:

lipo -thin x86_64 /path/to/WikitudeSDK.framework/WikitudeSDK -output /path/to/WikitudeSDK.framework/WikitudeSDK

Please let us know if you have any further issues.

- Damian

Thank you Damian,

your answer solve the problem with ios SDK 14.3 and Xcode 12.3 

after lipo command i can build my app.

thanx a lot for your support


I am encountering the same issue however I have 

wikitude 9.4.0

cordova 10.0.0

xcode 12.3

Where do you add this command? in a Run Script or via CLI?

Hi Alex,

You would only need to run this once from the CLI. The command ensures that only the indicated architecture remains in the framework and is a permanent change.

If you need to run your app in both device and simulator, make a copy of the original file and run the command for each architecture on each framework. This way you would have a framework to use for device builds and another framework to use for simulator builds.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are looking into a long-term solution to this issue.

- Damian

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