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Wikitude and unity ARfoundation people occlusion

Dear Wikitude-Team, I am currently working on a large scale project using scene tracking and would also like to use people occlusion. I did not find a documentation regarding wikitude unity with people occlusion. I tried to make it work with the sample scene “arfoundation multiple trackers”. I added, as usual, the occlusion manager to the arfoundation camera but it seems like it does not work that easy. Would be awesome to take advantage of this technology for our current project in combination with scene tracking. I am using unity 2020.1.15, latest wikitude, and latest arfoundation. Thanks for your help! Best, Michael

Hi Michael,

Our latest expert edition release (9.5) includes a sample with the AR occlusion manager (AR Foundation - Advanced Rendering).
On our side, testing the human segmentation worked on an 2020 iPad Pro. According to this blog post from Unity "people occlusion features are available only on iOS devices with the A12 Bionic chip and ANE." (I guess they meant greater than A12 Bionic and with ANE they meant Apple Neural Engine).

Are you testing on a compatible device? Otherwise, you won't be able to see the effect. The list of supported devices is rather short at this time.

Kind regards,

Hi Gökhan,

thanks for your reply! I Updated to the new Wikitude Version 9.5 and now it works. Maybe it was because I was using AR Foundation 4.11 with Wikitude 9.4.

Another Question regarding extended tracking - where did the option go and how do I turn it on? I don't see it in the inspector of the trackable anymore, also with Wikitude 9.4. 



Hi Michael,

for Expert Edition we discontinued extended tracking and recommend using AR Foundation or AR Bridge (our own ARKit/Core wrapper) after the target was lost.

Kind regards,

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