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Android Native API & JS API in the same Android project

Hi Wikitude !

I need to use functionalities of Android Native API And JS API in the same Android App.

I imported the two libs and use them in two separated activities.

But when JS API Activity start, I have this error :

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No static method a()V in class Lcom/wikitude/common/b/a/b; or its super classes 

I looks like the wrong class is loaded after call ArchitectView constructor (conflict beetween two libs ?) so a method is missing.

Any Idea to fix this ?

Thanks a lot 

Hi Julien,

Our Native and JS APIs are not designed to work together, so there is a high possibility that something internally is colliding once one of the libraries is started.

If I may ask, what are you trying to achieve? Are you sure your implementation has to be done with both libraries instead of one?




Thank you for your answer.

We need both Apis because we need Instant tracking with Plane Detection and save/load functionnalities (Native API).

But we also need Geo Ar (POI) functionnalities that only exists in JS Api.

That's why we tried to include both.


Good morning,

From what you are describing, I don't think you need both APIs. All the Instant Tracking, Plane Detection and save/load functionalities is also available in our JS API.

Please have a look at our JS API Instant Tracking documentation:



Thank you for your answer.

We will change for using only JS Api.


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