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Clound Recgnization not working when target image uploaded through studio api

 We all things working with cloud recolonization using android and studio api till 18 November 2020  after that every image target uploaded by studio api is failing to recognized in android.

while older image target is working fine with android api which are uploaded before 18 November.

After cheeking further we found that manual upload to wikitude studio with same image and metadata is working fine with which image is not working with studio api upload.

And checked for latest code and demo and found out that our code is latest and demo for studio api through backend also have same problem because we try to upload image with postman demo code nothing works when uploading through studio api

Note :  All image target upload with studio api is uploaded successfully but don't able to recognized using android app while work with manual upload

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Hi Danielle,

if I understand correctly, you didn't change anything in your code and the adding of target images and updating of the target collection worked before 18th november but now not anymore.

Could you please share the following:

- Manager token (you can also send the details via email to for privacy reasons)

- Target collection id

- API calls / requests you're using

Thx and greetings


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