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Reducing the initial loading time of wikitude sdk

Hi, I am using wikitude sdk as android js. I want to explain my question with an example. For instance I have 200 objects in a hall and I want to make an AR sytem. The obvious solution would be to split the objects to few parts(more than 45 object in my case is not being loaded in the sdk). For that I need to make few wto files with for instance 5 wto files containing 40 objects each and load the wto file with respect to the users' location. My question is that when I switch the database from one to another the initial loading is taking almost 9 to 12 seconds, which may spoil the user experience. However after getting loaded it is not taking that much time for recognition. Can't it be reduced to make a smooth content delivery?
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Unfortunately, there is no way to reduce the loading times, other than splitting the objects into even more wto files. We in general recommend having around 10 object per file at the most, specifically because the loading times might be too high afterwards. However, as the loading process is done asynchronously, so it should be possible to display some other content or perhaps some instructions until the file has finished loading in the background.

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