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Google Play Services for AR issue with ARFoundation on Android 11?

I'm running the example project from the Expert Edition trial (9-3-1)  in Unity 2019.4.12f. Device is Pixel3a running Android 11. If I try to run the ARFoundation examples I get the "Google Play Services for AR" popup asking me to update but there is no update button. If I check in the play store I'm already on the latest version of Google Play Services for AR. 

Found a related(?) Unity issue: so tried updating ARFoundation but seems the Wikitude plugin does not yet support it (errors in console after ARFoundation update)

Can someone let me know best way to resolve this issue? Do I just need to hold on evaluating Wikitude until this issue is resolved in a Wikitude update? 

Hi Travis,

Are you specifically targeting Android API level 30 before running the project? If so, I can confirm that we still do not support it yet. We are in the process of supporting Android 11 in all our projects and will probably be part of a future release.

As a workaround, in case you do not require any Android 11 feature, I would suggest to target Android API level 29.



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Thanks Aitor- targeting 29 works for now.

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