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Using instant tracking with external camera

We have been using Wikitude's instant tracking in our product for a long time. We have customers that are wanting to use it on laptops that do not have a built-in accelerometer and compass. Is it possible to use this with an external add-on camera that has an accelerometer and compass? Will Wikitude recognize these in an external camera device?


Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use an external add-on camera with an accelerometer and a compass because the Wikitude SDK will not be able to recognise it out of the box. A possible workaround might be to use the Plugins API and in particular the class "DeviceIMUInputPluginModule" which allows for sensor data to be input into the Wikitude SDK. You can find more details here.


Thank you for your answer. Is there a way to use instant tracking without sensor data? Does it need to have sensor data to work? It appears that it works without sensor data when used in the unity editor. How does that work if instant tracking requires sensor data?


The Unity Editor is either using the gryo data coming from the Unity Remote app (if this is chosen in the live preview) or the _cameraToHorizonAngle property in the webcam live preview mode. This value defines the forward vector of the camera and the horizontal plane. A value of 0 indicates that the camera is pointed directly forward, while a value of 90 means that the camera is pointed directly down to the ground. If the value is wrong there, you might not be able to detect the ground plane and therefore have a wrong axis alignment.

If you are using the Wikitude Unity plugin, we might be able to provide a custom build, where you could input the rotation of an external device rather than just an angle value on one axis. In the native plugins you can do that via the "DeviceIMUInputPluginModule", as Eva mentioned before.

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