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combinging object tracking with instant tracking

continued from this topic.

first of all, I know there is not both tracker enablable.

just want to switch object tracking to instant tracking for process flow.

(I did try both seperated ar view then redirect by js,
but app crash when open sometimes. 1/2 of try)

so here is what I want.
1. disable or remove object tracking 


2. enable instant tracking

is there any update here and what could I do?

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since the other thread started, a lot of development and changes have happened in the SDK. With our Expert Edition we now enable to have both trackers (Object and Instant Tracking) available in one AR experience. So if you wish to create an AR experience having both tracking options, I would recommend that you test the Expert Edition. You can download the Expert Edition here:

The SDK includes a sample app as well that offers a sample which is showing the combination of trackers.

Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.



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