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Asking for support of AR navigation

Hi Wikitude support team,

We are actually trying to build a GPS based outdoor AR navigation Android App specifically for walking instead of driving cases.

Similar to Google's AR walking directions below:
Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 17 18 17

Basically, the expected use case would be:

1.The user wants to go from location A to B by walking

2. User launch the app, select the origin and destination on the 2D mapBase on the coords selected, a route would be generated by Google directions API

3. By clicking a button on the Map, it launches the AR camera with some arrows displayed on the surface of the real world path

4. The app suppose to track and update the user's location, and keeps showing the arrows on the path to provide a turn-by-turn direction experience for the user until he/she reaches the destination

5. Since it is for walking users, the whole process is required in portrait mode.

Actually I have noticed the "Wikitude Drive" is something quite similar to what we are looking for. But I can't find any example code of how do I implement a similar "Wikitude Drive" by myself, or any other AR navigation related documentations/code examples.

Thanks for reading my post. We are looking forward to receiving some suggestions, and we are quite interested in purchasing the SDK if it can help us with our problem.

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Wikitude Drive including the navigation functionality, was a project that we developed in the past and we don't offer any source code of the app.

As our SDK products do not include the route building functionality, you'll need a third-party library for that for the navigation and routing functionality. For further details or technical questions, please check our support forum - there are several posts dealing with Navigation in AR.

Thx and greetings


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