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Resolution of WikitudeCamera is reduced when using InstantTracker



In my project, there are two types of scenes: one that uses "wikitudeUnityPlugin" and only activates the camera, and the other that adds "InstantTracker" to perform plane recognition.

CameraResolution] of [WikitudeCamera] is set to [Auto] for both scenes, but only the scene with [InstantTracker] has a low resolution.


The scene of "InstantTracker" is using the copy of the sample "InstantTracking - simple".


Screenshot 1 was taken in a scene with only camera activation, and

Screenshot2 was taken in the "InstantTracker" scene.


I have checked the API reference and so on, but I don't know the cause of the problem.

Is there any way to solve this problem?


My project's environment is as follows

Unity : 2019.4.8

wikitude : 8.1

platform : android6 and above

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