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Windows Native SDK, crash when activating app from protocol

We have an UWP app using the Wikitude Windows native SDK that is crashing in the wikitude.sdk.dll when beeing launched from a protocol but not crashing if launched manually.

Not Crashing:

The app is beeing launched by the user and opens a frame asking the user to open an app specific url. If the user now opens such an url inside his browser the app is switching to another screen doing some processing and then switching to a screen displaying the wikitude ar instant tracking. The tracking can now be seen and objects can be placed.


The app is closed and the user opens an app specific url inside his browser. The app now launches and goes directly to the screen doing some processing and then switches to the screen displaying the wikitude ar instant tracking. The app now crashes inside the wikitude.sdk.dll

The only difference in both cases is the app displaying a screen with a single label if already launched and this screen has no references to wikitude. In both cases the app is running through the same code path when triggering the protocol launch from the browser.

Are there any specifics of wikitude in regards to launching the app through a protocol definition we might overlook?

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We are still not sure what is causing the issue when activating the app by uri protocol as described here:

SDK: Wikitude SDK 9.3.0 Native API



Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Windows 10 Pro 1909 ( Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363 )

If the user opens a link like  "ar-case:\\somehash" the app gets opened by windows and then follows its processing path and crashes when switching into the view using the instant tracking. If the app was already open the app follows its processing path and opens the instant tracking without a problem. In both cases its triggered by the protocol activation and following the same path.

We don't see a difference having the the app manually prelaunched or launched by the system and don't understand why Wikitude is crashing inside the wikitude.sdk.dll 

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