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Multiple object recognition


I've been trying to use the multiple objects tracking feature for an app I am developping using Unity. I am trying to recognize 3 objects at the same time and thus spawn three 3D objects. It works fine when I track each object separately but not all together.

I saw older posts that said it did not work at the time but since then I saw examples showing that it was working (even in your documentation).

I've been using the expert SDK which provides the sample scene for object tracking.

I have one object tracker and three object trackable, sons of the object tracker. My wto file contains 3 target objects. I don't think that I am doing something wrong but it seems it is not working.

Any ideas ?

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Hi Léopold,

Could you please provide further details:

  • Which version of the SDK are you using?
  • Confirm that you the object recognition and tracking with your objects is working (as you mentioned they are recognized fine seperately but not simultaniously)
  • Confirm that the unchanged SDK sample is working as expected
  • Confirm that you followed the instructions in the documentation and compared your implementation with the SDK sample app dodecahedrons sample

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola,

- I am using the last version of the SDK (9.3).

- I confirm that the object recognition is working with only one object at a time

- I did not change the sample project except for the project settings : in the player settings, I changed the "Scripting Backend" configuration from "IL2CPP" to "Mono" since the build would freeze indefinitely otherwise...

- I followed the documentation but I did not go far since the multitarget was not working...




Thx for the feedback, from your last message it sounds like the SDK sample app is working fine. Did you try to 'just' change the .wto file in the SDK sample app to use your own .wto and otherwise leave the sample unchanged? Please also have a very close look at the setup, implementation and documentation of the multiple object recognition sample compared to your setup, to ensure that the code itself is fine.

Thx and greetings


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