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I am using the flutter.

When capturing screen on Android

permission error happens. (on iOS works well)

`/storage/emulated/0/Pictures/1597395673466.jpg(Permission denied)`

      Future<void> captureScreen() async {

        WikitudeResponse captureScreenResponse = await this.architectWidget.captureScreen(true, "");

        if(captureScreenResponse.success) {

          showSingleButtonDialog("Success", "Image saved in: " + captureScreenResponse.message, "OK");

        } else {

          if(captureScreenResponse.message.contains("permission")) {

            showDialogOpenAppSettings("Error", captureScreenResponse.message);


          else {

            showSingleButtonDialog("Error", captureScreenResponse.message, "Ok");




`WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE` written in AndroidManifest.xml and 

permission for storage is ON in Android setting page.

Is there anything I need to check???

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Did you check the Flutter SDK sample app and the 'Capture Screen sample'? If not please have a close look at the implementation of the sample app and the according documentation and try it on your phone.

Thx and greetings


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