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wikitude studio has some bugs

1. in the move mode, there's white cube the middle of the object. we can easily drag it for moving freely. It could be done not only with left click drag, but also right click drag. but for 'video object'(not sure transparent video specific or not), right click drag changes not apply to actual coordinates(not even saved sure.) so the changes are ignored when I saved.

2. for overlay with alpha channel(transparent video), after imported the video on studio, when I first clicked 'overlay with alpha channel' radio button, the video panel on the studio shows how it gonna look like.
but after saving once(exit the project) then re-open the project, transparent preview goes back to like just 'overlay' checked(it's already 'overlay with alpha channel ckecked' like screenshot I posted.) just changing playmode again doesn't work at all.
it doesn't affect to AR result(the video is showing transparent) but I cannot change coordinates more accurate without re-importing the video.(as I said, first importing then clicking 'overlay with alpha channel' only works...)

it's quite frustrating me since my contents need very accurate matching with marker...(the first question above also make me tired...)
I usually take a note of coordinates everytime when I found better coordinate.

I've taken this inconvenience for now but Idk How long I gonna take it. please help me.

I'm using google chrome(always up-to-date. latest version) on 64bit windoes 10

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why Q1 is important to me, I have to left or right click drag out of objects to navigate in the studio.
It always make disaster when I mistakenly right-click drag the video object.
for 'mistakenly' left click also make me little mad but it could be fixed since the coordinates changes apply well.

but without applying changes, must re-open the projects, and sometimes coordinates glitched(ex even though I set all coordinates 0, but object isn't located center)

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