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ERR_ACCESS_DENIED when calling architectView.load()

Good morning, we updated to latest Wikitude SDK 9.2.0 from the 8.1.0 version cause we need to support Android 10 >

We're not using any Extensions

The examples provided in the latest SDK are working however they load the resource from the Assets folder, not from the cache folder as we do.

In our code we're calling 




However now this is not working anymore and the ArchitectWorldLoadedListener

is calling worldLoadFailed with the following error


We're targeting the SDK version 30 

Our provider_path.xml is the following


<paths xmlns:android="">
    <external-path name="external_files" path="."/>
    <cache-path name="cache_files" path="."/>


If we try to print out the content of the html we're trying to load it works.

It's affecting any kind of device from Android 21 >

Can we have some help? :)

Thank you!!


Hi Paolo,

The net::ERR_ACCESS_DENIED makes me think about a permission issue. Are you asking for android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE?

In case the permissions are already given, you mentioned that you are targeting the SDK 30. We are not supporting Android 11 yet in Wikitude SDK 9.2.0, so I would suggest to downgrade it to 29 until we release a new version supporting the latest release from Android.

I've been testing with a Pixel 3A XL (Android 11) and LG G5 (Android 8) and I could see 2 different behaviours:

- With the Pixel 3A XL I could not make it work. I think it is related due to the new scoped storage stuff included in the recent Android version, but I'm not sure until we give support to SDK 30. Nevertheless, I could access some other routes without any problem like : file:///data/user/0/com.wikitude.samples/cache/

- With the LG G5 it was not working until I gave the storage permissions. Then every path I've sent with a index.html was working fine.

In case none of my suggestiongs (ask for permissions or Android SDK targeting 29) are working, I would like to know which devices have you tested with and which Android version are they running.

Best regards,


Hi Aitor, thank you for the fast answer!

Yes we're asking for both the permissions and indeed the issue seems 

related to targeting the SDK 30, changing it to target the 29 solve the issue

so we're gonna downgrade it and wait for the new Wikitude SDK version.

So far I've been able to test it only on a Pixel 2XL Android 10, will do other tests

on several devices tomorrow.

Thank you again for the support!

Best regards,

Paolo M

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