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I want 'billboard behavior' for image/video drawables

for release note v6.0, there is a text about 'Added an option to enable/disable billboard behavior for AR.Drawables' but I cannot find how to use it.

I found 'rotatesToCamera' in AR.Drawables but I couldn't find any reference script with it.

I'm using AR.ImageTrackable, ImageTracker for locating AR video(transparent) around the marker.

but It would be skewed when move around little.

I want the video is always facing the camera.(or image)


is there any way to work what I want?

I have Pro 3d license and using javascript mainly(for ios and android apps).

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The mentioned option --> rotatesToCamera is only available for GeoAR markers, to have them oriented towards the camera. Here is the text from the API reference:

Defines if the drawable is oriented to face the camera. This is only possible for Drawables attached to a GeoObject.

As with our Image Recognition and tracking you can specify the positioning / rotation of the video relative to the image target. But with this of course the orientation is changing in respect to the Image Target but not the location of the user. If you wish to have the video always e.g. in the center of the screen, you can check our 'snap-2-screen' feature, which allows you to snap the augmentation to the screen even if the Image Target is not scanned anymore. Details on this feature can be found here:

Thx and greetings


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