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WTO File Camera View

I loaded 19 jpeg's of overlapping images to the object target editor. A point cloud was generated and I exported the WTO file for use in unity and the object tracking prefab. 

My object is an exterior building facade. It is also a facade in a subterranean alley which means the camera views are at a sharp angle. I took photos from both approaches left and right of the facade hoping that the point cloud would be responsive if my user gazed at the facade from any direction. 

When I make visible Image Views in the web editor, I see that all of the cameras are pointing from the right perspective. No cameras are showing a view from the left, despite me including photos taken from this perspective. 

I believe the added consequence to this is that when I am running the app, the object is only recognized by the Object Tracking prefab from a right approach. If I view the same section of wall in the alley but from the left, the prefab does not recognize the object. 

Any recommendations for how to round out the point cloud to recognize angled perspectives from both left and right? 


Thx for providing the details above - this is exactly what we would suggest. The .wto file can be extended with additional pictures (in your case from the left side). As mentioned by Sarc it's important that the pictures are overlapping.

Should the issue persist, please share the images you're using for the .wto generation.

Thx and greetings


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Thanks Sarc and Nicola. 

I had followed the recommendation of and edited out from each photo the background noise that was not related to my object. 

Example masked photo is attached.

I went ahead and added 6 overlapping photos (prob about 50% overlap) as an extension to the original point cloud. There was no change in camera views. 


Out of curiosity I created a second target this time using only the left 6 images. 


I get the correct directional perspective (from the left), but the rotation is skewed I think based on how I edited the photos.


Hi Jeffrey,

Did you also add images from further away? If not, could you add some from different distances and try again?

Thx and greetings


Thanks Nicola. The field site was challenged because it is an alleyway; really difficult to get variation in perspective. I was able to recreate the point cloud with 38 images and greater overlap using a different picture capture technique and received much better results. 

Hi Jeffrey,

Thx for your feedback. And great that it's working better now for you with additional images.

Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.



I guess you gotta take more photos between left and right.
basically, for object tracking consume 50 pics max once.(and can feed more after then).
I think with some processing, your left side picture was ignored with lack of similarity with others.

what I want to talk is 'Take pictures along the path' and 'Take the next picture, overlapping the previous one.'

and accurate fov is also important. I used to ignored fov when first try, then disappointed.
but after I set right fov and could get good result.

and then, if your target is building, that means it's 'almost immutable'. then you can take pictures as much as possible then feed them to wto.(you can add more picture in the studio.)

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