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Extended Tracking and Object Tracking Prefab in Unity


I am having difficulty with the Object Tracker pre fab in Unity. 

I would like to enable extended tracking so that the augmentation is still visible in the previous pose. My scene is in a long subterranean alley. The marker will be visible when a user points the app at the building facade. As he/she walks down the alley, the complete marker will be lost quickly and I wish for them to retain partial views of the initial augment.

But I don't see extended tracking as an option in the inspector. 

I used this tutorial as the basis for my scene.

I am using Unity 2019.3.9fl

I am using Wikitude_Unity_9-2-0_9-2-0_2020_07_08_12_55_55 SDK

I am using

Hi Jeffrey,

Did you follow these steps from the documentation:

To enable Extended Object Tracking, select the ObjectTrackable and enable the Extended Tracking option in the inspector. In the Targets For Extended Tracking you can specify which targets should be extended. If you want all targets to be extended, simply set 1 in the Size field and * in the Element 0 field.

Thx and greetings


Thanks Nicola. 

How do I "enable" Extended Tracking in the Inspector? Is it adding a component named "Extended Image Tracking Controller Script" (screenshot included)? I don't see a size or element field. 

Do I keep the object tracker script enabled in addition to the Extended Image Tracking Controller? 




Hi Jeffrey,
thanks for pointing that out. The extended tracking toggle in the inspector is indeed missing. 

There is a workaround though. You can just set this setting via script like this:

using Wikitude;

public class SomeClass : MonoBehaviour
    public ObjectTrackable trackable;

    void Start() {
        trackable.ExtendedTracking = true;
        trackable.TargetsForExtendedTracking = new string[1]{"*"};

I hope the workaround fits your needs. Meanwhile, we will fix the issue and release the fix in a future update.

Kind regards,


That's perfect, thankGökhan. 

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