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Integrate Three JS renderre with wikitude native sdk

Hi, I am trying to use the tracking information extracted from Wikitude native sdk in a gradle project. I created a scene using THREE js and I use the tracking data from wikitude to locate my objects, I calculated the translation matrix like:  "transMat = new THREE.Matrix4().multiplyMatrices(prMat, mvMat);"
And every thing works out.
The problem is I need to use extended Tracking, and when I turn it on, it act wired, the rotation stuff work, but once I move the camera to any direction the objects aslo start to move with the camera where as they should not, coz the marker is not in the scene). Do you possibly know what is the reason? Thank you. 

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Could you please post a video of the issue? Just based on the description it's a bit difficult to figure out what might be wrong.

Does this issue happen with image or object tracking?

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