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QR code Sample Scene Not Work

I'm running a sample scene with a QR code scan using wikitude 9.X expert for Unity, but it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? When the camera looks at the QR code, does the information have to float? Does it need to be built with Android or iOS? I tried to tear off the sample scene and use it... I ask for help.


When using the unchanged sample app, and you scan a QR / bar code the number or url of the code should be displayed within the title bar (there are no augmentations displayed when you scan the QR code). I just tried the Unity Expert Edition 9.1 sample app and it's working for me without any issues. Can you please confirm that this is working for you?

Thx and greetings


Perfectfly Work only on Unity 2019 3.0 f5(or6)

Is this too delicate? Camel through the needle hole

thank you. I can proceed with the project based on this function.

I wasted too much time.

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