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Application runs in Unity3D but not on the Hololens when deployed

I have some troubles with wikitude when deploying to the device. I made a test scene in Unity and imported the wikitude unitypackage. Then I added the wikitudeCamera and the ImageTracker to the Scene like in the Documentation and in the examples. In my own scene I’m working with the mrtk as well. When hitting play/simulating in unity it seems to work. I can’t see a picture of my web-cam but if it recognizes the image target in front and the corresponding hologram/gameobject shows up in the simulation view near to (0,0,0) and moves with the motion of the image target.

When built and deployed to the device the application starts but nothing gets recognized neither in the wikitude example nor in my own application. It seems that the webcam of the Hololens didn’t get addressed. Neither the application asks for permission the first time started (like it does for any other application or if the microphone etc. is used) nor the led is shining, which should indicate that the webcam of the Hololens1 is running.

Unity Version: 2019.2.3f1

Wikitude-Unity-Plugin for Hololens: 9-1-0 

Hi Johannes,

could you try to deploy one of the scenes provided in the wikitude samples? I am not sure if mrtk has its own camera objects and overlaying the wikitude cameras therefore in a build..... 

I suggest starting with the wikitude sample scene and adding mrtk functionality as needed on top of that...

Kind regards,

Hello Gökhan,

as I wrote in my initial report I deployed both. So I already tested the Wikitude examples without mrtk involved and the Camera of the Hololens didn't get adressed.


Hi Johannes,

This seems to indicate that there was a licensing issue that is preventing the SDK from starting properly. Do you see any console error logs that are coming from Unity when running with the debugger attached? Does the sample include a license? 

Additionally, the HoloLens needs an internet connection to validate the license, so in case your device is not connected to WiFi, please do so as well.

Best regards,


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