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does color matter when creating an object target .fbx file?

I'm trying to test out wikitude's object tracking capability but I haven't been able to get it to work by merely taking pictures with a S8 phone of the object. When I upload the pictures to wikitude studio it says object target creation failed.

So instead, I thought I would have our 3d designer create an fbx model of the object and see how accurate that is at object tracking.  However, I was wondering if the color of the object is important for tracking? is the fbx file only used to create a point cloud? in that case, both color and texture can be ignored.

However, I would think that probably image recognition  is used in addition to the point cloud, so I would have to have the 3d designer take pictures and apply textures to the object as well.

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Hi Josh,

with the current version of our SDK you'd need to use the image based approach for the object target (.wto file) creation. Using a .fbx file instead of images is currently not supported. 

If the error 'object target creation failed' when uploading the images in Studio, can you please share the images with us, so we can check them and what's going wrong.

Thx and greetings


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