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Unity 5 64 bit apk

Hi guys! I was searching for a plugin for Unity 5.6 that will allow it to make 64bit builds. 

And found this thread:

I have Unity 5 and android plugin perpetual licenses and it is not possible to upgrade to 2017 perpetual coz they don`t allow that.

My game is not AR or VR. It`s a usual mobile 3D shooter game. 

And i wonder if it is somehow possible to publish 64 bit apk using Wikitude?  

Thanks in advance for any hints guys!

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Hi Adam,

You can find the requirements for our Unity Plugin here:

Further details specifically on our Android Unity Plugin:

With Wikitude SDK 8.0 (July 2018), the Unity plugin is ready to work with 64-bit version but needs some manual configuration, with Wikitude SDK 8.4 (April 2019) the Unity plugin is by default configured for support of 64-bit. You can find further details on how modifications needed here:

I hope this help. Greetings


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