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Snapped Gesture Errors


We are developing and testing an application in Cordova using the WIkitude 9.1.0 plugin in the hopes to purchase a licence when we have proof of concept, we are using a snap to screen element where a user scans an image and the 3d model is automatically snapped to the screen so they can rotate, pan and zoom in on the model without the need for the image target to be present after the initial scan.

This is working fine on occasion but it also frequently freezes. We are unable to see anything wrong with our implementation and it almost seems like the gesture functions fail.

For example, we allow onDragChanged to rotate the and move the model. We also call onScaleChanged to zoom in and out of the model. At times the wrong function seems to be called, for example:

We scale the model then try and use the drag function, the scale functions are called instead therefore a single finger drag actually ends up scaling the model. This then causes the app to freeze after a certain amount of time. (this isn't every time, it's intermittent and will sometimes work ok, but others it will not)

This scenario happens on both iOS and Android (iOS is our main test device and we are using an iPhone XS Max running iOS 13.4.1)

Cordova version is 9.0.0

The snap sample app also behaves in a similar way and often freezes.

Please can you assist with this issue and let me know if you are aware of a bug in the SDK?

Many Thanks

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your report, we also managed to reproduce this in our Cordova sample app on iOS.

We still have not found the cause or the exact steps to reproduce this behavior consistently, but we will investigate it further.

- Damian

Hi Damian,

Thank you for the initial response.

Is there any update on this that you could give me?

Many Thanks, Paul.

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