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Is Object recognition with epson moveria possible?

object recognition is listed under the epson sdk tutorial, can I assume that works with epson moverio glasses (the supported ones)?

My boss seems to think that object tracking can't work with external glasses. But I think that is because he is assuming that the SDK uses ARCore, which doesn't have support for external camera. If the SDK has an internal implementation, it should still be able to do object recognition. In our case we wish to recognize a museum panorama by modeling the object and using object tracking.

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Hi Josh,

Yes the Epson SDK supports Object Recognition. As this feature is developed fully inhouse and does not depend on ARCore, it is supported also on devices that don't offer ARCore.

Did you try the Epson SDK Object Recognition samples of the sample app already? If not this as a good place to start testing together with the technical documentation.

Thx and greetings


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