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Problem on image loading

Hi, I have problems related with the add or the change of an image with the sample code. For example I used the 06_ObjectTracking_2_2dImageAndSoundAugmentations example and it works good but if I change the image of the emergency lights with another one for a description of the object the smarphone fail to load it, the errors are the next: 
JavaScript - Failed to load requested resource

JavaScript - Requested URL (file:///android_asset/06_ObjectTracking_2_2dImageAndSoundAugumentations/assets/TEST1.png) is blocked for another 5 seconds because it was previously unreachable. Please check previous errors for more information.

Of course the lightanimation.js has been modified with this line of code in the 124 row:

       var lightResource = new AR.ImageResource("assets/TEST1.png", {

            onError: World.onError


Thanks for help!

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