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Imaga tracking problems

We need to make ar coloring book. We have our mark


and when we hover camera at this image, everything is ok, AR works fine and i see my model

But when I will paint my AR mark like this


AR IS NOT WORKING, I cant track this image

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Hi Maksim,

If the image that is scanned is too different from the target image and the location of the feature points, that are used by the SDK to identify the image is not the same, then the recognition is not working successfully. In your case once the characters are colored, structures that have been present in the 'non colored' target image might change (e.g. if you check the blue area in your colored image --> there the thin lines are barely visible). Please have a look at the 2 attached images, showing the heatmap (get a graphical indicator, showing you hot zones in red color on top of your image. Hot zones are areas, which are more likely to be recognized.) of your provided images. This heatmap shows, that the areas taken into account for the recognition and tracking are different. As our SDK is working with grey-scale images, there is no color recognition in place.

Thx and greetings


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