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ARCore unable to update, makes camera stay black


I am working on a project where I need to verify if the device I'm using supports ARCore. My phone, a Motorola G6 play with android 8.0.0, prompts an update, but in the playstore it says my phone cannot support the new update. However, when I go back to the AR app the camera is black.

I am working with the 8.10 version on Unity. This issue happens with all the instant tracker sample scenes.

I am using Unity 2019.3.0f6, i forgot to say that

Hi Daniel,

As far as I could see in the ARCore supported devices official page: your device does not support ARCore, which means that it shouldn't be requesting for ARCore to be updated. I did fix this issue in our SDK latest version -> 9.0. 

Do you have access to a device which supports ARCore to confirm that this issue is only happening to Non-ARCore devices? If that's the case, I can confirm you that you would need our latest SDK version to have it fixed.

Kind regards,


Ok thank you, I will try it with a device that supports ARCore. But im also sure that is the issue thank you very much
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