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Define tracking region in camera feed

Is it somehow possible to define region in camera feed and get tracking results only from that region, or to check if recognised image target is in that region?

For example like in the attached image, where you can see this red bounding box on top of camera feed. 

(3.73 MB)

The best way would be to define an input plugin and crop the camera frame accordingly. You can find an extensive guide here in the documentation

- Phil

Thanks. Is this possible with JavaScript API, particularly with Xamarin JS SDK?

I couldn't find input plugins in that documentation.


the Input Plugins API feature is currently supported in the JS API, Native API and the Unity Plugin. The other extensions (Cordova, Flutter, Xamarin) don't include this feature.

Thx and greetings



Ok thanks, but Xamarin extension is using JS API so I guess I could use it there also, since it is the same code written in JavaScript.

Could you please explain these PluginsAPI examples you have on your GitHub, particularly PluginsAPI CustomCamera sample and SimpleInputPlugin sample, as I don't see anything in there that is calling PluginAPI, only basic .wtc file load and nothing else. Is there something missing?

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