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UIWebView deprecation issue on iOS in JS SDK 9.0 version

After trying to submit Xamarin iOS app to AppStore TestFlight that uses Wikitude JS SDK 9.0 version, got this issue saying that UIWebView is deprecated and should use WKWebView instead.

I found in your article (
that since version 8.9 you are not using UIWebView, but since our app doesn't contain anything except wikitude image tracking, maybe there was something left out? Could you please check and advise what to do?

This is issue that iOS AppStore returned to us:

Deprecated API Usage - New apps that use UIWebView are no longer accepted. Instead, use WKWebView for improved security and reliability. Learn more (


As you already mentioned, since our 8.9 release, we only use WKWebView. There are no UIWebView references left in our SDK since then.

I double-checked this by uploading a build of the Xamarin example app we provide in our 9.0 package to the App Store, and I did not get this issue.

My guess is that either you are including some other framework in your project that still depends on UIWebView, or you were using an older version of the Wikitude SDK and did not fully replace it with our 9.0 version when upgrading.

Please check once again that there is no other third party code in your project causing this issue, and make sure that you are actually using the 9.0 release of our SDK in your app.

- Damian

The problem was in Xamarin and its linker. 

On this link is whole explanation (

In mtouch argument I've put this line and now it works:


Sorry for blaming the issue on you :(. 

No problem! I'm glad you found a solution.

- Damian

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