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Wikitude App not working correctly on iPhone

I'm testing project in Wikitude App from developer account and encountered problem with iPhone 11. I've tested the project "Gallery" from my account on several devices, on Android everything works correctly, on iPhone 11 videos are not playing, recognition is slower and less accurate, some images are not working at all. Sometimes I've seen an error of incompatible SDK version, however didn't find any updates for the app in AppStore. I've logged out from all devices, logged in from iPhone, but the problem was still there.

All videos are h.264 baseline, 1280*1440 (overlay with alpha channel)

How can we solve this? Can this problem disappear if I publish the project in Wikitude App? If yes, then how can I test it without paying subscription?

Yes, everything works. Encoder settings were wrong. Thank you


The video has the following dimensions: 1920 × 1080 --> If you change the dimensions of the video to the supported ones, does it work then?



Also I want to try to re-render videos in 1280*720 with alpha channel, but I can't find file in any of SDK archives, listed on /download page

I've attached one of the videos. As I mentioned above, all videos were rendered in 1280*1440 (including b/w mask), h.264 Baseline, may be some parameters got messed up after rendering.

On Android everything works fine. Tested on 2 iPhones, none of then started playing videos


Hi Timur,

Did you make sure that the video fulfills all the requirements mentioned under the link below? Does it work on other iOS devices?

If the problem persist, can you please download the project files (via the Project Menu option within the Studio Editor) and send it to forum [at] wikitude. com?

Thx and greetings


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