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Black screen only in apple submission


We face to a very strange problem... We use wikitude in cordova. The app work as expected in dev and via Testflight.

But, when Apple test, AR camera is only black without anything else.

We are totally unable to reproduce this issue...

For informations, we use cordova plugin 8.10.1.

Permissions answered are Camera, CameraRolls, Geoloc.

So, any idea of what can cause this black screen ?

Thank you !

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We're pretty baffled... The app works perfectly fine when we test it, on any of our iPhones and iPads, updated to the latest iOS or not.

Whenever the App Store testers get their hands on it (they test on iPad, iOS 13.4.1), they are completely unable to use the AR component : blank black screen, on multiple devices. An issue we never even encountered - ever !

They do get - and accept - the requests for the app to use GPS location, camera, and camera roll. Why this behavior? Could it be that their devices are restricted in a way we haven't anticipated?

Please help !

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