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Trial key expired as soon as it was generated


We have a problem with trial licence key. As soon as we generated it on wikitude licence page, 4 different email messages arrived on the same time, basically saying that our trial is over, but we have just started it! 

When we try to use that licence key, wikitude watermark is shown, but on your licence page it is written that there will be no watermark...

Here are their subject names of those 4 emails that arrived at the same time:

1. What’s the next step? Your AR Trial ends in 10 days 

    - this email says that it's been 4 weeks since using trial and that it's ending...

2. AR is moving fast and you should too

    - this email says that it's been 5 days since key was generated but it was generated yesterday.

3. Your AR trial was terminated - Hasta la vista!

      - this email says trial is over

4. Your Trial Key for creating AR experiences 


To the problem with the 4 emails you received at once: we had an issue in our workflow setup for the email sending for the Trial keys, which resulted in ignoring the timestamp of when the email should be sent. We're fixing this right now.

In regards to the Watermark: are you referring to the Wikitude Logo which is displayed on the lower corner of the screen or a Trial watermark which is covering the complete screen? If you refer to the logo at the bottom, then this is expected behavior (you can find details regarding the limitations and feature overview of the Trial key here. 

Thx and greetings


Ok thanks, then I guess everything is okey since we were referring to Wikitude logo on the lower corner of the screen. The wikitude licence page doesn't mention that logo, and these 4 emails confused us completely.


Thx for the clarification - I totally understand that the emails didn't help the situation ;)

We're also in addition adding the details that the logo is shown to the license page now.

Thx and greetings


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