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Old versions licence


I have a trial key licence for Wikitude 8.10, and trying to test the features I could not execute the Plane Detection example only. When executing the start tracking, the video goes black. The others examples work fine (tested on Unity play mode and Android apk, same results).

Are the older key licences still working?

Another attempt was updating to version 9, but the error remains. Theres no migration notes from 8.10 to 9 versions. So, there are no changes using the Instant Tracker and Input Plugin APIs?

macOS Catalina

Unity 2019.3.7

Thank you!

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Hi Leo,

Did you generate a new trial license key via your license page? With SDK 9 we also changed our Trial key handling: The Trial key now hos no Trial watermark anymore (just a small Wikitude Logo) and it's valid for 45 days. So if you're testing with SDK 9 and didn't update the key, please do so.

Is this issue occuring in the unchanged sample app or your own app? If the sample app is working on the device, please make sure to check the setup of both apps.

If the error persist also with the newest key and SDK version 9.0 let us know. 

Thx and greetings


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