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LBAR Plugin License :


I’m testing the LBAR plugin with Unity and Wikitude for Geo location AR app for Android. 

Downloaded a free version of LBAR SDK and I'm testing with a tutorial but could not run the sample.  

Something is wrong.

My question right now is where can I get the license key for a free trial?

Actually I set nothing for license but the tutorial says to set it in the POI Controller. 

I've contacted to and sent emails for my question but they haven't reply.
Where/Who should I contact ?

After testing, I will buy a license for Android/iOS.


Ikuo Suesada


I'm Mojtaba from LBAR SDK. Thanks for trying the SDK. We've only received an email in 15 hours ago which was in queue to reply to under the name  "Nakai Masaya".

As for your question about the license, You can leave it empty and try the sdk with watermarks. There's no need to have a license for trying the sdk.

I'll appreciate if you can send us your issue with more detail to


Hi Mojtaba,
Thanks for your advise.
Understood that we
 can leave license field empty and can try the LBAR sdk with watermarks.

By the way,
regarding, looks like something wrong with the email address, so can you kindly check ?

if somebody send something to,  he or she will get respose like 
The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at [ FAILED_PRECONDITION: connect error (111): Connection refused]

Anyway thanks !

Hi, Thanks very much. We'll check the email for sure, And if you post on this thread we'll also get notification and will check.



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