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Multiple recognitions in one World


I would like to ask if it is possible to create a World in which to work (at the same time) - InstantTrackable with InstantTracker, ObjectTrackable with ObjectTracker, and ImageTrackable with ImageTracker?

If this can be done, what is the best way to do it?



I currently have a working version, but with a few problems. The main point is that after loading "load_existing_instant_target" and adding Models to it, they appear as drawables on both ImageTrackable and ObjectTrackable, when they are recognized:


this.instantTrackable = new AR.InstantTrackable (this.instantTracker, {
     drawables: {
         cam: World.crossHairsBlueDrawable
     onTrackingStarted: function onTrackingStartedFn () {
         // RUN with ImageTrackable -onImageRecognized
         // RUN with ObjectTrackable - onObjectRecognized
     onTrackingStopped: function onTrackingStoppedFn () {
         // RUN with ImageTrackable - ImageLost
         // RUN with ObjectTrackable - onObjectLost
     onError: World.onError



The best approach to work with Multiple Trackers in one experience is our newly released Unity Expert Edition. You can download the SDK here:

The download package includes a sample app and furthe details can also be found in the documentation:

If you work already with the Expert Edition, please provide further details on the issue. 



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Thanks, i will check this sample app.

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