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Navigation with multiple scene's in one file


I need to implement user navigation indoors. I'm trying to do it through Instant Target's, but I don't know how (is it possible) afterwards - when I leave the current scene with models, I automatically load the next one with its models?

I looked at this example: as well as things from the sample project, but in both cases only one scene is used.



The Wikitude SDK is not designed particularly for an indoor navigation use case (meaning we do not offer any routing / navigation feature). 

You could e.g. work with beacons to get the location indoors and feed it to the SDK. Also, we don’t offer any turn by turn instructions, so the routing and navigational part would need to be implemented on your end or you could use an existing indoor navigation solution. With it, you could display e.g. arrows or markers along the route (we don’t support drawing lines at the moment).

Depending on the size of the rooms / areas that you wish to navigate through and need to recognize, the maps (Instant Targets will get a lot and you need to find a way to switch between those). 

So for complex navigation and routing I would recommend to have a look at indoor positioning providers (e.g., where you could integrate their library with the Wikitude library.

Thx and greetings


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Okay, I understand. We'll look for a way, thanks for the tips.

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