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I got "unlicensed feature used" error when instant tracking in my app via url.

I'm using wikitude sdk for my app(android and ios) via url(with javascript).

and image tracking works well.

while I develop, I used to test through dev feature in the 'wikitude app' with url(javascript) cuz it's easy to test.(for app, build and install again and test etc...)

and I just started from instant tracking with first sample.

when I just uploaded to my storage the sample, and it worked well in your app dev section with putting url.

but when I tried it to my app, it just showed error.

Error (Code '1001', Domain 'InstantTracking'): Unable to query if tracking can be started because of license issues.

with 'unlicensed feature used' watermark.

even though I already bought SDK PRO(one time).

as I know, with my SDK PRO license, I can try 'instantTracking' feature. isn't it? or is there any features that I cannot in the sample?

what sample I tried is '05_InstantTracking_1_SimpleInstantTracking/index.html'.

Here's the order #INV-6268 was placed on July 19, 2019

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Your assumption is correct - with your PRO license you can't use or test the Instant Tracking feature within your app. So for testing purposes we recommend that you'll use the SDK sample app. If you intend to use Instant Tracking in your app, you'd need to get a PRO 3D license.



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